Sirena headed to the southern reefs today across 2-3 foot seas. Our first stop was Bath & Tennis reef. There was a very slight north current with 74 degree water temperature, and 30-40 feet of visibility. 

We encountered numerous eels, including a sharptail and another very similar in shape, but with faded blue spots (id unknown). When visibility isn’t optimal, the fish life seems to be extra active. Tropical fish of all sorts were flirting throughout the water column.

For our second dive, we dropped in on the northern end of Breaker’s reef. As always, this reef doesn’t disappoint. A very friendly and large green sea turtle was busy getting a reef massage as the group of divers huddled around it. A large nurse shark was resting near the ledge, but it wasn’t too keen on the noisy bubble makers coming in too close for a look. Finally, as we approached Turtle Mound, I made one last pit stop to see my shrimp friends. They were busy cleaning a grey angelfish and a trunkfish — simultaneously!

Another great day of diving in Palm Beach, FL.

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