Explore a beautiful ledge system culminating in a swim through during the August 5 Hole in the Wall Tech Dive Charter! This “hole” is actually the entrance to a large cavern tunneling through the ledge and exiting on the other side.  Hole in the Wall is known to attract large pelagic visitors including bull sharks and lemon sharks, and Goliath Groupers regularly use the hole as “home base”.  You’ll also find tropical fish and schools of silversides too.  The ledge leading up to the hole is often stacked with enormous schools of jacks and bonita.

Due to the depths, we require a certification of DSAT 45 or higher, or Advanced Nitrox with Deco Procedures or higher. Rebreather divers with corresponding certification levels are also welcome.

Technical charters are NOT led by a guide, so please be sure to have a personal lift bag. There is no down line, so divers must be able to complete deco procedures in a drift environment. All divers MUST show proof of proper certification when they arrive for the charter. Trimix Tanks

To register for an upcoming technical dive charter, contact us at 561-840-8750.

Technical Fills:

Pura Vida Divers offers banked 32%, 34% and 36% Nitrox. Custom blends, including Technical fills up to 100% Oxygen, are also available.

Need Trimix? That’s banked too! We have multiple Trimix blends on hand, each specifically tailored for local diving.

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