The underwater trail construction at Blue Heron Bridge has finally begun!

 blue heron bridge snorkeling trail


Shana Phelan (Pura Vida Divers) and Carmen Vare (ERM) watching the beginnings of the Blue Heron Bridge underwater trail.





An article published by the Sun Sentinel describes this new project: “The trail will be an artificial reef of limestone boulders and concrete and should take about two weeks to complete. For information, visit”

Shana reports that very close monitoring is taking place so as not to disturb the fragile marine ecosystem. Seagrass beds have been marked off so no materials will be dropped on them.




The boat you see behind the barge is there to monitor turbidity levels. If the levels exceed a certain benchmark, the project will be shut down until it is corrected. Sounds like all the precautions are in place.




 Stay tuned for additional pictures and updates!