Sharks have been around for millions of years. They play a vital role in our ecosystem and are responsible for helping to keep our oceans health. But did you know that many species of sharks are threatened with extinction?

In celebration of the shark, Pura Vida Divers will be hosting SHARK WEEKend February 8th -10th, 2013. This three day event will include:

Social Night: Shark Presentation:  February 8th at 6:15pm 

PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Speciality Course:  February 9th at 9:00am

Jupiter Lemon Shark Trip:  February 9th at 12:45pm 

SharkCounts Dive with Shark Savers’ Samantha Whitcraft:  February 10th at 8:00am

Spaces are limited and reservations are a must!

For reservations or more information, call or email.

For more information about the SharksCount program please visit: