Whoever says mermaids don’t exist should take a closer look at this photo! It was only a matter of time before our dive boat, named Sirena (which means “mermaid” in Spanish) would cross path with one of these lovely maidens of the oceans.

Okay… So some of you might recognize this mermaid as Lindsay, our wonderful dive guide and instructor, but anyone who has seen Lindsay in the water would agree… She has to be part mermaid to feel so at home under the sea.

Sirena headed north to Juno Ledges above glass-calm, cobalt blue seas. For the last couple of days we have been enjoying the splendors of summer diving in Palm Beach. With top to bottom visibility (60-80ft of horizontal) and 80 degree water temperature it’s hard not to have a great dive.

Our first dive on Juno Ledges had its share of sharks, sea turtles, breathtaking sponge-covered ledges, and a visit from a mermaid, too! In between dives, Lindsay was kind enough to continue her mermaid act while I took countless photos of her (thanks so much for all your patience and perseverance, Lindsay!)

On our second dive we headed south to Shark Canyon where our encounters with an abundance of marine life and blue water continued. Conditions have been holding steadfast for the last couple of days and we have our fingers crossed they will continue. Come out diving with us and enjoy them for yourself.

Who knows??? We might be able to guarantee some sea turtles and a mermaid, too! Just some of the amazing diving you’ll have with Pura Vida Divers in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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