Take your first step to becoming a scuba diver with

PADI’s Seal Team AquaMissions!


Eight year old J.J. recently endeavored on a series of “AquaMissions” with Pura Vida Diver instructor Ryan. They spent hour-long pool sessions going over the basic Open Water skills and diving safety.

 seal team diver and instructor

The day I joined them at the pool, they worked on mask clearing, regulator recovery, buddy breathing, and buoyancy control. J.J. did a fantastic job!!! He definitely has a future in scuba!

 padi seal team member and instructor padi seal team member and instructor

Aside from their AquaMissions, Ryan and J.J. also had a lot of fun with a hula-hoop swim-through and other underwater games. Safety always comes first but diving is also about having fun!


The only prerequisite to join the PADI Seal Team is that you must be at least 8 years old. By 10, a Seal Team Member can advance to the Junior PADI Open Water Diver certification. We hope to see J.J. again soon for his next certification!

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