Attention all South Florida Scuba Divers:

Just a friendly reminder that Lobster Season officially ends on March 31st.  South Florida divers have exactly 2 weeks left to fill up on their lobster limits.  After that, divers must wait until July for the mini-sport season which will fall on July 25th and 26th.  Even though season hasn’t even ended, think about booking your Lobster Mini-Season boat charter aboard Sirena soon as these dates always book up early every year.  (For more information on Mini-Lobster Season visit the FWC website.)   

If you’re a conservationist or vegetarian, be thankful these cute little crustaceans will experience a reprieve over the next several months.  If you’re an avid hunter, get out there soon before it’s too late!  To book your mini-season charter, contact us now!