140414-110516-0032-dualisoSirena headed out today under clear skies and calm 2 – 3ft. seas. As soon as we headed out the inlet we could see the clear and inviting blue water of the Gulf Stream gracing our shores. Running past the outside buoys we could see a north current was prevalent, so we headed north at the request of the divers to do a wreck.

Our first stop… the Corridor wrecks. With top to bottom visibility and a moderate north current we slowly explored each of the wrecks seeing goliath groupers and all kinds of tropical fish along the way.

140414-110813-0041Our second dive took us to Midreef and Spearman’s Barge. This reef had its share of unique marine life including a couple of loggerhead sea turtles, eels, flying gurnard and more! As always, Spearman’s Barge was engulfed in marine life.

140414-125444-0087-dualisoThroughout both dives we enjoyed 50-60ft of visibility, 74 degrees water temperature, and moderate north current. Another wonderful day of scuba diving in West Palm Beach, Florida. Come join us for some of the best diving in Florida!

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