Join Pura Vida Divers for a Blue Heron Bridge Night Dive on Saturday, October 29th at 8:19pm. This is a FREE event!


Itinerary for the evening:

You may check in any time before 5pm at Pura Vida Dive Shop. All divers must complete a liability release and receive a parking pass before heading over to Phil Foster Park. A special pass is required to be allowed to remain in the park after dark.

High tide is at 8:19pm. Our staff will be starting their dive at 7:15pm. You may join them or start your dive whenever you feel the most comfortable. However, everyone must be out of the park by 10:00pm or you WILL GET A TICKET!

You may join the group dive, dive on your own with a buddy, or request a private guide. Each dive group must have a legal dive flag and every diver must have a primary, back up, and tank light.

The group leader will be conducting a dive for approximately 60 minutes. If you wish to stay longer then 60 minutes, or would like to leave the group for any reason, please bring your own dive flag.

For a little extra Halloween fun, our staff will be diving in their Halloween costume.  Please feel free to join them!  We ask that all costumes be environmentally friendly, and must not impede diver safety. Please do not use face/body paint or makeup that is harmful to the environment or costume pieces that could cause entanglement or restriction of movement. 

BigBlue Lights will be at the shop at 5:30pm with lights ranging from 250 lumens all the way to 2,600 lumens to try during your dive. All lights are free to borrow for the dive, but must be returned at the end of the dive.  Should you wish to purchase a light before or after the dive, Pura Vida will be giving a special gift away with the purchase of every light.  For more information about demoing a BigBlue Light, please click here.

Please register with Pura Vida Divers in advanced to guarantee your reservation.

For reservations call or email.

Want to plan ahead?  View our current 2016 Blue Heron Bridge Night Dive Schedule and schedule your BHB night dives for the rest of the year!

Hope to see you all there!