Throughout the year we schedule numerous FREE night dives at the Blue Heron Bridge (aka. Phil Foster Park). Well known for it’s amazing diversity of unique marine life, the Blue Heron Bridge dives are a real treat — especially at night!

Night time brings all sorts of different sea creatures. Some of these sea creatures are usually encountered only during night dives. Octopus are out of their den and often seen hunting along the ocean floor. Nudibranchs, in their striking colors, are cruising the algae and hydro tufts. Mantis shrimps are patiently waiting any prey who happens to swim too closely to their burrow. There is action going on everywhere!

Yesterday’s night dive at the Blue Heron Bridge was no different. The list of unique encounters included numerous foot long mantis shrimps, lancer dragonettes, and a three-inch white batfish who was hunting with his lure.


Searching the algae tufts, numerous nudibranchs were found. Numerous decorator crabs in an ensemble of either sponges or algae blended perfectly with their background. The king of camouflage this night would have to go to a crab who used a bivalve shell as a means of protection. Last, but certainly not least, a miniscule (1/4 inch) bumblebee shrimp hovered near a sea urchin.

The Blue Heron Bridge is an amazing dive site during the day time, but just when you think it can’t get any better, try a night dive at the Blue Heron Bridge and you will be left in awe. Join us for a FREE Blue Heron Bridge night dive.