Sirena headed south with captain Colin and Mark taking turns at the wheel. On our way to Bath & Tennis reef a pod of atlantic bottlenose dolphins were at play leaping out of the water in the boat wake. They began to ride our boat wake as we motored passed them.

During our dive at Bath & Tennis reef we encountered free swimming eels, tropical fish of all shapes and colors, a large green sea turtle, and a friendly large green moray eel. Water temperature was between 70-72 degrees with a slight north current and 60-70 feet of visibility.

Back on the boat, we motored inshore in hopes of catching some of the spinner shark action that has been happening the past couple of months. We warmed up under the warm Florida sunshine and basked above flat calm seas.

For our second dive, captain Mark dropped the group just south of Ron’s Rock. There was hardly a trickle of north current which gave the group the ability to look through all the nooks and crannies of the reef in search of the smaller critters. Flamingo tongues, a soap fish with the tail end of a fish it had just consumed nervously swam through all the nooks and crannies, and, of course, eels abound.

Upon reaching Ron’s Rock, a tiny female loggerhead sea turtle cruised by the group. What a treat it is to see this endangered sea turtle in good abundance on our reefs here in Palm Beach. It won’t be long before they will begin to nest on our beaches here.

The group enjoyed a leisurely drift passed Ron’s Rock, Middle Earth, and part of the southern end of Flower Gardens before the dive was over. Overall, it was another great day of spring time diving in West Palm Beach. Come join us and enjoy all the splendors of Palm Beach diving.