As of September, 2023, We will no longer facilitate parking passes for self-guided divers. Guests interested in night diving at the Blue Heron Bridge must be accompanied by a guide or instructor.

In order to access Phil Foster Park after hours, we adhere to strict policies set forth by the Palm Beach County Parks Department. Unfortunately, we have received reports and observed firsthand divers violating the County’s rules. This puts our ability to offer diving activities at the park at risk.

We are making these changes to our night diving procedures in order to help enhance diver safety and ensure future access to Phil Foster Park for divers. A number of different guided dive and class options, detailed below, are available to divers interested in exploring Blue Heron Bridge after dark. Reservations that have already been made for Blue Heron Bridge night dives will be honored through the end of the year.

We appreciate your understanding as we strive to protect access to this popular shore diving location on behalf of the diving community. 


Dive after dark at the Blue Heron Bridge! Watch nocturnal marine life emerge from their hiding places. Discover the magic of this site beneath a starry sky. Ready to join our 2023 Night Dives at Blue Heron Bridge? Let’s dive in.

First, register online below or over the phone by calling (561) 840-8750. Next, stop by the shop the evening of your dive. Meet your instructor or guide, and grab your parking pass. Parking passes are required for divers in Phil Foster Park after dark.


Dive guides help you navigate the site. They point out a stunning range of wildlife as you swim — from octopuses to batfish, spotted eagle rays, and other fascinating creatures! Learn more about the guided dive options below to find the best fit for you. 


Group Guides are a fun way to enhance your 2023 Night Dives at Blue Heron Bridge. Meet new dive buddies as you chat with fellow participants. Swap scuba stories while you set up gear.

Group guides include up to 8 divers.


Experience the best of the Blue Heron Bridge with a Private Dive Guide dedicated solely to you and your buddies!

Learn about the site during a pre-dive briefing. Follow the in-water guide as they navigate along the East side, West side, or Snorkel Trail. Come face to face with hidden wildlife.

Ready to splash in to the 2023 Nights Dive at Blue Heron Bridge? Make sure you have everything you need with the checklist below. Missing something? Stop by the shop before your dive to pick up last minute items.


Divers can rent a complete setup or bring their own SCUBA equipment. Lights are not available to rent, but there are many options to browse at the shop.

2022 blue heron bridge night dives

Every diver must have the following:

  • 1 Primary Light (per Diver)
  • 1 Tank Light / Glow stick (per Diver)
  • We highly recommend a backup light for each diver
  • Parking Pass
  • Dry Bag for Car Keys (purchase a dry bag at the shop before your dive)
  • Full set of SCUBA gear and tank

For the best experience and safest conditions, your guide will begin your 2023 night dives about 45 minutes before high tide.  This is when the current is at its lowest and visibility is at its best. 

Don’t forget to display your parking pass on your dashboard.  After the dive, everyone must be out of Phil Foster Park by 10 PM or you will be ticketed.

2023 High Tide Chart

Plan your year full of diving at the Blue Heron Bridge! Stop by the shop to pick up this year’s Blue Heron Bridge Tide Chart. 2023 night dives are highlighted in the high tide schedule.

2022 blue heron bridge night dives