Join us for a Night Dive and experience a whole new side of the Blue Heron Bridge!

Divers MUST check-in at the shop prior to each Night Dive! Please see the individual Night Dive Event for detailed check-in instructions, as times may vary.

All divers must complete a liability release and receive a parking pass before heading over to Phil Foster Park. A special pass is required to be allowed to remain in the park after dark.

You may join the group dive, dive on your own with a buddy, or request a private guide. Each dive group must have a legal dive flag and every diver must have a primary, back up, and tank light.

The group leader will be conducting a dive for approximately 60 minutes. If you wish to stay longer then 60 minutes, or would like to leave the group for any reason, please bring your own dive flag.

Questions? Call the shop at 561-840-8750 and we will be happy to help get you scheduled for an upcoming Night Dive!

2017 Night Dive Schedule

Don’t see a date that works for you?  Give us a call.  We would be happy to set up a dive that fits with your schedule, (high tide permitting).

In addition to organized night dives, we also offer private dive guides and a wide range of PADI distinctive specialty courses including: the Blue Heron Bridge Distinctive Specialty (exclusively at Pura Vida Divers), Night Diver, Digital Photography and Digital Video.

For more information about our PADI courses or to make reservations for any of our upcoming Blue Heron Bridge Night dives, please call or email: