Join Pura Vida Divers October 25th – 31st for our 2014 Underwater Halloween Costume Contest aboard Sirena.

Wear your costume while diving for your chance to win prizes.  The first place winner may choose between a free boat pass or a $50 in store Pura Vida gift certificate!  The second place winner will receive a matted print from TheLivingSea.

Every diver to wear a costume while diving will have their photo taken and added to our 2014 Underwater Halloween Costume Contest photo album on Facebook.  We will keep track of the number of “likes” you receive for your photo from the public. On November 1st, the top 3 “liked” photos from this album will be submitted for judging by the public. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 3rd at 8am.

RULES:  All costumes must be worn underwater, be environmentally friendly, and must not impede diver safety.  No face/body paint or makeup (that is harmful to the environment) or costume pieces that could cause entanglement or restriction of movement are permitted.

For more information or to make reservations call or email.