Myrna Molinari is our 2014 Thankful for the Ocean contest winner!   We hope you enjoy her submission as much as we did.

I am thankful for the Ocean, seven days a week.

Monday, after a long first day back to work, I am thankful I can walk the beach and watch the sunset and my stress is whisked away on the oceans breeze.

Tuesday, as I start my day at sunrise doing a turtle walk, I am thankful for the beautiful baby turtles making their first run to the Ocean. Such an amazing sight to see.

Wednesday, I am thankful to end my day with a high tide snorkel adventure with my husband and kids. A midweek family activity among beautiful rays, silly batfish, colorful rainbow parrotfish, silvery barracuda to add a little thrill and starfish lining the sandy trail.

Thursday, taking a walk along the bridge and seeing playful dolphin dancing in and out of the waves below, graceful sailboats rocking in the water, and seeing the sun sparkling on the water always lifts my spirits.

Friday, the perfect ending to the work week is sitting at the local beachside grille and watching flying flocks of fish frantically surf the top of the water while predators lurk below them. A walk, hand in hand with my best friend along the surf, provides the perfect setting to renew our lifelong romance.

Saturday is Dive, Dive, Dive day! Walking off the back of the boat and sinking swiftly to enjoy bottom time, I am thankful. The Ocean carries me along bright and colorful reef, abundant and diverse fish life my fantastic view to see.

Sunday, well it worked so well on Saturday, is time to dive again. Lionfish and Sharks and Morays, oh my. Adventure and play are the order of the day.
Seven days a week, I am thankful for the Ocean and all the ways it feeds my soul, strengthens my family ties and brings me friends, old and new, to play in her depths. For all of this I am thankful for the Ocean.

Written by: Myrna Molinari