Sun, Sept 24

FREE Class Session: 9 am – 12 pm

Dive Session: 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Join us on Sunday, Sept 24 to learn more about coral bleaching, and what you can do to keep our local reefs healthy and thriving! This informative workshop, led by Kristi Kerrigan of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Coral Reef Conservation Program, features both a FREE classroom session, as well as a practical 2-tank dive, with hands on experience identifying coral bleaching and diseases.

Delicious morning refreshments will be provided by Friends of Our Florida Reefs.

Images provided by FDEP.

Images provided by FDEP.

SEAFAN_LogoParticipants will receive training on the SEAFAN Bleach Watch Program, which includes spotting diseases that affect coral reefs, reporting incidences of coral bleaching and overall coral health, and utilizing responsible diving practices to help ensure the well-being of local reefs for years to come.

Anyone participating in the dive session MUST register for the 2-tank charter by calling Pura Vida Divers at 561-840-8750 and reserving a spot on the afternoon boat. Regular charter rates apply. Rental equipment and tanks are available upon request.

You do NOT need to be a certified diver to attend the FREE morning classroom session. Divers who have attended the Bleach Watch training workshop within a calendar year may attend the dive without completing the morning classroom session.

To register for the Bleach Watch Workshop and Dive, or with any questions you may have, call Pura Vida Divers at 561-840-8750 or email us at

Images provided by FDEP.

Images provided by FDEP.

Thanks to the program partners for facilitating this Bleach Watch Training Workshop!

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