Explore the wild reefs of Jupiter during the upcoming Lemon Shark Dive!  Every year, schools of Lemon Sharks return to specific nursery grounds.  Historically, Jupiter has been home to large aggregations of these Lemon Sharks. 

They gather annually in the sandy bottom off of the reefs to mate and to hunt.  The sharks schooled in dozens, with some groups even topping 30 – 40 sharks! 

Jupiter is home to many local Lemon Sharks as well.  They haunt wrecks and reefs offshore. 

Join us to drift over 70′ to 100′ reefs in search of this amazing species.  We will head out for the Lemon Shark Dive with Jupiter Dive Center on Sunday, March 7.  Divers must register in advance! 

The Lemon Shark Dive is not baited. Pura Vida Divers is a conservation oriented company.  We believe in the passive observation of our favorite marine species in their natural habitat. 


Sharks need you!  Pair your Lemon Shark Dive with a PADI Project AWARE Shark Conservation specialty class. 

Learn about the causes of declining shark populations. Understand the actions you can take to become a knowledgeable and passionate shark defender.  Help dispel misconceptions by learning how you can act to protect sharks.