Author: Pura Vida Divers

Sea Turtle Program Success!

We planned for a day of turtles, and we got MORE than we expected!           First, Mr. Larry Wood (soon to be Dr.), gave an informative presentation at the Pura Vida headquarters to prep us for our turtle experience. After lunch at the Thirsty Turtle we headed over the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach.       The Marinelife Center rehabilitates injured sea turtles which are then released back into the wild. The original designer of this center, Larry, gave us the grand tour! There were 2 kemp’s ridleys, a few greens, one loggerhead, and tons of hatchlings. Hopefully we’ll see these guys out on the reefs once they gain more strength.                 After our “land” experience, we boarded Sirena for 2 dives in search of untagged Hawksbills (Larry’s main focus).  Only 10 minutes into our first dive on the Corriodor we saw a loggerhead, a juvenile green, and a tagged hawksbill! Then when we got to the Amaryllis there was our untagged hawksbill we had been searching for. She was quite a fighter on the way up but we made it on to the boat safely. Our second dive on Mid Reef was also filled with turtles! Larry was able to capture a larger, a somewhat calmer, Hawksbill on this dive. Both turtles were tagged and...

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Instructor Development Course (IDC) – September 2012

Another successful Instructor Class at Pura Vida! Great job Adolph!   The instructor course is quite an undertaking…perfect skills, rescue scenarios, teaching presentations, and much much more.  Our instructor course typically lasts 8 days but can be adjusted for your needs. The next course begins October 12, 2012. If you’re ready to make diving into a professional career give us a call today!            ...

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